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Summer Session IPA

Session IPAs are my new favorite beer. I have always been a hop head but the side effect of my love for the heavy hop has been wooziness after two or three pints and a cloying headache. A session IPA is a great way to get that hop fix during a sunny afternoon without having to write off the rest of your day.

What is a “Session” Beer?

A session beer is a beer you can drink for a long time, for a “session”. They are very low in alcohol, running in the 4%-5% ABV range. Beers that are labeled session beers are usually blondes, lagers, or light ales. Some examples of session beers are Pike Brewing’s Naughty Nellie, Freya’s Gold from Odin Brewing, and the aptly named Session from Full Sail.

No Hop Head Ache

As I mentioned above, to get that yummy hop flavor you have to deal with the higher alcohol content of a typical IPA, somewhere between 6% and 8%. The session IPA trend has breweries creating beers with the assertive hop flavor of an IPA but with the low ABV of a session ale. A great example of this is the seasonal release from Fremont Brewing, 77 Session IPA. It has a wonderful hop flavor and a low ABV of 4%.

Summer is on its way and I hope to be enjoying a few of pints of this simple, home brewed recipe during those long, summer afternoons.

Summer Session IPA

Batch Size
3 gallons

Steeping Grains
3 oz. American Crystal 40L

3 lb. Light DME

.5 oz. Citra 13.9% AA @ 60 mins.
.5 oz. Cascade 8.9% AA @ 20 mins.
.5 oz. Citra 13.9% AA @ 5 mins.

1/2 Campden tablet
1 tsp. Irish moss @ 10 mins.
2.4 oz. maltodextrin @ 10 mins.

WYeast 1056 American Ale

OG: 1..46
FG: 1.014
ABV: 4.2%
SRM: 7
IBU: 64

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