Dad Stout – A mild, Irish stout.
Full Circle Espresso Stout – A rich coffee stout.
Breakfast Stout – Because beer can be for breakfast. Don’t judge me!

Meowie Waui Coconut Porter – A dark, sweet island treat!
Mocha Porter – A mild porter with a hint of chocolate
Persistence Porter – A roasty session porter.

Crimson and Clover – A combination of 50% pale malt and 50% clover honey.
Ten Pin Barley Wine – A big beery salute to that dreaded corner pin.
Sun in Winter Citra Pale – A simple pale with my favorite hop.

Dark Sanity Black IPA – A slightly modified version of Widmer’s W-10 Pitch Black IPA.
Summer Session IPA – A low ABV IPA for long summer days.

Kick Back Kölsch – A light, low-ABV beer for relaxing days

Little Brother Dunkel – A dark lager
Football in the Street – A simple Märzen for chilly football days

Raspberry Wit – A light and fruity beer; perfect for summer.
New Life Hefe – A simple wheat beer

If you have a great recipe to share, please send it in. I’ll put the kettle on and brew it up!

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