Of Boys And Brewing

December 4, 2011 at 7:51 pm Leave a comment

To celebrate the arrival of my son I will be brewing a dark lager: Little Brother Dunkel. It’s my second attempt at lagering and I sincerely hope it goes better than the first. Without going into too much detail right now let’s just say the “lessons learned” section of my lager recipe sheet is quite large.

To Boldly Brew

Also related to boys and brewing, actor and writer Wil Wheaton has recently discovered the joys of making beer and has written a post describing his first attempt at an all-grain batch. In it he has wonderful descriptions of the emotions you can experience while brewing. If you want to know why people make their own beer, read his post Further Adventures in Homebrewing.

He started brewing as a father/son project. He is clearly a Hop Dad.

Blah Blah Beer Blah! How’s Your Son?

It has been a wonderful two weeks with Little Brother. He is a cool customer, only making a big fuss when he’s hungry or getting a new diaper. Beyond that he’s as quiet as can be. Certainly a change from how my daughter was at this stage. Or maybe that’s just the viewpoint from a sophomore Dad who is no longer freaking out at the slightest baby squeak.

My daughter loves her new little brother and will tell you so. She holds him often and can sometimes be a little possessive. The two get along great. I had better appreciate that because it will not last.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

I am going back to work tomorrow and that makes me a bit sad. Nothing I do there will seem to matter compared to what I’ve been doing at home these past few days. The first hour or two of work will likely involve me telling the same stories over and over and that will only make me long to be home even more. But soon I will return home and hold my new little bundle again.

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