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This past weekend my brother hosted a Winter brewing party at his house. This is an event we’ve done before where we invite our brewing friends and family members to put the kettles on for an afternoon of brewing and socializing. Many different beers are available for sharing as well. It’s a wonderful day.

Unfortunately, due to poor planning we weren’t able to get out the door and down to the party in time to brew. We still attended the party, but I brewed in our garage the next day.

This time I’m brewing an IPA. Hop Mom is a long-time fan of Harmon Brewing’s Point Defiance IPA and she wanted me to brew it. Since there isn’t a clone recipe available that I know of, I read the description on Harmon’s site and used The Recipator to come up with a close approximation we’re going to call Hop Mom IPA.

Hop Mom IPA

– 11 gallons

Steeping Grains
– 4 oz American crystal 10L
– 12 oz American crystal 40L

Malt Extract
– 13 lbs Breiss golden light dry malt extract

– 2 oz Columbus 13% AA @ 60 minutes
– .5 oz Centennial 10.5% AA @ 60 minutes
– 1 oz Centennial 10.5% AA @ 10 minutes
– .5 oz Centennial 10.5% AA @ 5 minutes
– 2 oz Amarillo dryhop (1 oz per carboy)

– Wyeast American Ale II 1272

– 8 oz maltodextrin @ 10 minutes
– 2.75 ozs corn sugar
– 1 tsp Irish moss

The Numbers
SG: 1.060 (1.054 for the 11-gallon boil)
FG: 1.012
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 60
SRM: 8

Brewing Notes
The home brew shop was picked pretty clean over the holidays so I had to make some substitutions. They were low on large bags of dry malt extract so I bought 12 lbs of liquid malt and 3 lbs of dry to meet the original gravity target.

They also were out of Centennial 10.5% AA hops so I substituted Magnum 16.7% AA. In my haste to get the supplies, I didn’t notice the significant difference in AA until was getting ready to brew. As it turns out, using the Magnum in the same amount as the Centennial bumped the IBU up to 70, which is what Harmon claims is the number for Pt. Defiance IPA.

This is also my first time using maltodextrin. In prior batches I’ve used flaked barley to get more body and “mouth feel” into my beers. But I’ve read a little more on maltodextrin and decided to give that a try since it is supposed to be more effective in extract brewing.

The brewing of Hop Mom IPA went off without a hitch. Because it’s such a large recipe and I already have my two laundry tubs filled with fermenting liquids, I needed another container for a fermenting tank. I bought a large plastic tub at the hardware store, filled it with enough water to cover most of the carboys, and dropped the aquarium heater in at 66F. Both carboys are fermenting rapidly.

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