Small Stones

November 7, 2021 at 12:00 pm 1 comment

When I spend time cleaning the house I inevitably find a small stone, usually on a book shelf or the kitchen window sill. Pebbles of various sizes and colors, shapes and shininess. Sometimes I will find some in my nightstand drawer or a jewelry box, even in the glove box or cup holder in the car. These stones occupy the same spaces as other items: books and trinkets and misplaced bits of paper. I move them about when dusting, but never throw them away.

The stones are gifts, yet different than birthday or holiday gifts. One of my kids found this small stone and liked it so much they felt compelled to give it to me at that moment. Their origins are the same: we are outdoors, typically at a beach, exploring the environment together. Soon they find something so interesting they want to give it to me right then and there. 

There are different reasons why the stones were considered special. That one is flat and perfect for skipping across the water. This one has a ring around it. That one is heart-shaped. This one is blue and my kids know that’s my favorite color. So many small stones around the house and I have no recollection as to when they were gifted to me or where they came from.

Sometimes the kids know:
“This one was on that trail by the railroad track.”
“That one was from the really cold, rainy beach that one day.”
“This is the stone I gave you from near that playground before we had pizza.”

My growing collection of small stones comes during the stage when my children are still fascinated by the common things; like when finding a coin on the ground is a cause for joy. They are discoveries; unique, memorable, and immediately interesting. Souvenirs from family outings that didn’t cost a thing nor required we stand in a queue.  

As my kids speed toward adolescence, it’s more likely they will be looking at their phones or chasing a friend down that beach and the stones will go unnoticed. This collection will remind me of a time when they were easily mesmerized with simple beautiful objects; willing to stop and examine something small, yet significant and believe it is worth keeping.

Just as I do now with these small stones when I clean the house.

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  • 1. lrlacey  |  November 7, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    What a great observation…..Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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